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Scut Farkus

In 2013 a 5-month old cat arrived on my property and stayed. He was likely dumped or maybe was a neighbor's barn cat that wandered over. Named after the bully in the movie Christmas Story, he would rough house with the dogs but could also...

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Our proud, handsome boy who followed us around the with his shoe string, always wanting to play. Absolutely heartbreaking to lose him just shy of his 2nd birthday during the week of Christmas 2020. So incredibly unfair. You deserved so much better. Jasper, you are...

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Alicia Keys

Alicia was the sweetest most loving cat. She was very affectionate, and just never got angry about anything. Even though her time with us was short, everyone fell in love with her. Greatly missed by our whole family.

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Mookie, the Mookster

Mookie was a fearless, quirky little guy with 7 toes on each front paw and 6 toes on each back paw. He loved to burrow under the covers, drink from a running faucet, and eat dog treats. Mookie died from FIP 11/25/20 at just 2...

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Olives, Beans, The Sirs, We miss you every single day and you are always in our thoughts and prayers. We know that wherever you are, you're still playing with your springy and napping in your kitty tree. While your time with us, and on this...

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Theodore Squishy

Lost at 7 months to FIP. Squishy our baby boy. Loved by his humans, his brother Harry, and all his foster siblings. 3/16/20-11/17/20

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In loving memory to Frankenstein, the little monster that stole Mabrey's heart.

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Halo DiAngelo

Though his life was short, it was full of love. He brought immense joy to his family with his cuddles, purring and adorable squeaks and trills. He will be forever missed.

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Link was a best friend to all the people in his life. He was loved so much more than he will ever know and had such a positive and loving impact on every single person he met. He was notorious for giving hugs and being...

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Our beautiful and loved Jinx passed on September 27th, 2020. He was a cuddler, a food stealer, and a biscuit-maker. Jinx was so loved and will never be forgotten by his family of humans and cats. We'll always remember you sitting on our laps, sucking...

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