I called you Cimbalino because you were like an espresso coffe (black and full of energy) You were only one month with me, but you will be forever in my heart

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Tiggy was 2 weeks shy of his 1st birthday when dry FIP took him suddenly from us. He was, and always will be my Tiggy Sunshine. Run free and play fetch with all the stuffed mice you can, little guy. Mommy and daddy love you.

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Phoenix Monster

1 year old Male Born May 29th 2019 Died August 6th 2020 Died from complications of FIP Loved by all who met him, even eople who hated cats loved our Phoenix boy. He stole our hearts and there will forever be a hole from him....

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Darcy, my sweet, fluffy, wobbly kitty. When I adopted him at two months old, I knew he was a special-needs kitten, but neither the shelter, nor the vet, nor I ever guessed that he had FIP and that it would be fatal. I had Darcy...

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Stewie… my crazy wild head butting baby boy…. your life was far too short taken my an evil disease FIP. You were so brave and strong until the end. I regret not getting you the GS treatment and going with my gut when the vet...

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It was only a week ago that we had the misfortune of learning what FIP was and how truly unfair it is. We had to make the difficult decision this weekend to put our sweet girl Mokey, at peace, who was diagnosed with FIP not...

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Loki was 20 pounds of sweet, biscuit-making awesome. Adopted from a shelter at a little over a year old, he was a great companion for our senior cat Wally, grooming him and cuddling him when Wally got old enough not do as much self-care himself....

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Stormy was one of the first two cats we ever owned together – sweet, cuddly, and always there when you needed her. We adopted her at just 4 months old, and sadly this horrible virus took her from us just 3 months later. We still...

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Secret Agent Randy Beans

Secret Agent Randy Beans, or Beans for short, was adopted into our household on November 27th when he was only five months old. He loved to lay on blankets and cuddle next to us. On December 22nd, we noticed that Beans was acting lethargic, couldn’t...

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Our little Angel Face found us when she was about 5 weeks old. Just wandered onto our back porch. She was so happy, healthy and full of love and happiness. She stayed with us for only 3 months before this terrible disease took her. I...

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