You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know, dear how much I love you
Love you now and for always.

I love and miss you every day, my darling, darling boy.




Oh sweet little Lychee nut. Mama, Daddy, Gus and Kat miss you so much. You were laid to rest soaked in our tears and covered in our love. We would do anything to hear you little chirp, the deep rumbles of your purr and your warm little snuggles. We will keep you in our hearts forever. We love you baby <3




8-week old Bucky was rescued from the street after narrowly missing being hit by a car. He was feral and in shock - he started his life out with us a hissing and spitting little baby! After a vet visit (with a perfect bill of health) and just a few days of TLC, little Bucky became the sweetest, playful kitten, with an amazing purr. He loved all of our big cats and became a fixture in our house. He always wanted whatever you were eating! And he played fetch better than any dog I knew.

One day, Bucky wasn't his normal self and was not eating. At the emergency clinic, we found out he had a fever and possible obstruction. Unfortunately, his X-rays, ultrasound, and blood work showed he was suffering from FIP. At only 5 months old, we had to make the difficult choice and end his suffering. He purred and loved on us until the very end. Such a bright personality and beautiful cat, taken from this world far too soon.

Rest in peace, little dude. You've made a mark on all our broken hearts.



Little Eddy was put to sleep yesterday to protect him from the disease getting worse after his abdomen filled with so much fluid. He was still happy and purring contently on the way to the vet, and I'm glad he never suffered worse. Three months is far to short to a time to have such a beautiful kitten in your life but we did our best to fill it with enough love for a whole lifetime.





The best first kitten I could have asked for, and the cat all other cats will be judged against.




This week we made one of the hardest decisions. We had to euthanize Ziggy. He went in for a second opinion of his FIP diagnosis on Monday. I was convinced he did not have it, that his previous vet jumped the gun on the diagnosis. I thought we could save him. His lab work showed otherwise.

He was badly losing whatever battle he was fighting. And all the antibiotics he had been on did nothing but stabilize him. His X-Ray showed he had so much liquid in his abdomen that none of his organs were visible.

We could have waited a few days. But that came with the risk of his condition worsening to neurological failure, which would not be fair. They administered the medication while I was holding him.

He wasn't even with us two months. But he will be our Ziggy kitten forever.



Calvin was my first cat. There's no doubt that he loved his mommy. When I went to adopt him, he reached for me from inside his cage. It was love at first sight. Thank you for an amazing 10 months of snuggles and fun. I'm sorry we didn't have more time together.

RIP Calvin 6/24/16






Caesar "Monkey" 04/03/15 - 06/07/16

My handsome guy! I'll love and miss you forever!






Rupert was the happiest most loving little man and only 6 months old when he passed away yesterday to FIP. Until the end he was still managing to be himself underneath being poorly. He was my best little buddy and gave us the most amount of happiness I could ever want. We will love you forever and ever little boy and I am so happy you were in our lives, even if it was so painfully short. Love you Rupee Bear, I'm keeping your newly favourite scratching post always xxXxx




This disease, this awful disease claims yet another one of my kitties. Sooty, son of Little Bit, grandson of Scruffy. Not even 2 years old. I've seen my other cats fight this disease, but nothing like him. Sweetest, strongest boy ever. Besides his mom and grandma, he joins Twosy, Bengal, and Inky. All are on this site. There were others that I didn't have a picture for. So sad.




Our little red sunshine, Larsusha... Thank you for being with us for almost 4 years, for bringing so much happiness and love in our lives. Such a pure, light, little soul... You were not just a cat, but you were a person. You taught us so much: to love sincerely and enjoy life despite everything. We miss you and love you, our furry friend!




About 11 years ago this guy showed up on our front porch. We had no idea where he came from or why he was there but he quite literally chose us. He was always extremely affectionate and he loved to be picked up and held like no cat I've ever seen. He was a big cat with a big heart who would stand on his back paws with his front paws outstretched asking to be pick up and held. He loved to meow his demands for meals and many times we would wake up in the morning to various household objects mysteriously strewn about he floor where Sam would pick them up in his mouth and carry them around the house.



Altra was one of Three kittens we fostered through the GA SPCA. When we first met him, he walked over to me and simply placed a paw on my foot and claimed me. We fostered him until he was 6 months old and could be rechecked for FeLk. We had already committed to adopting him regardless of the results, but then they came back negative! About a month before his first birthday, he slowed down his eating and started getting lethargic. A week after his first birthday, we had to make the call. A little less than 2 months from the first signs of FIP and he was gone. My strong loving kitten was gone. We will always miss you.



Harrison was the sweetest, most cuddly cat ever. We only had Harrison for a short 9 months (we adopted him when he was 4 months old) before FIP took his life on August 2, 2015. Only two days after his 1st birthday. We were lucky we got to celebrate that day with him. The last week of his life he had a lot of neurological symptoms and could barely walk. But he was a little fighter and when ever he saw us he would get to us how ever he could. Not a day goes by that we don't think about him and miss him.

We love you and miss you, baby boy!

Mommy and Daddy



Baby V,
You will live on in our hearts forever. You brought us so many smiles and warm cuddles in the 4 months we spent together. Here's to you being at peace and resting easy...

So much love,
Mom and Dad





We only had Sal for the last two months of his very short life. ( He was 7 months old) But he was the sweetest kitten I've ever owned. He was social and loved spending time with me and my husband. He was diagnosed with wet FIP 4 days ago and died 2 days later. We love you Beebee! <3






Scruffy, you are my heart. My best girl. I love you and miss you. Things won't be the same again. FIP has taken Scruffy, her daughter Little Bit, Bengal, Inky, and Twosy. All are on this memorial site. We need a cure!






Our dear baby Sesame,
you fought hard during your last days, now is the time to rest in peace. Forever love.

Dad and Mom






Miss you already; love you always.

9/6/15-2/20/16 @meru_the_blind_bengal







Rest in peace sweet little angel...
We just had 2 months together...we're gonna miss you Lizzy!
Hope we meet one day, until then Brendan will take care of you.







Thank you for bringing such happiness into our lives little boy. We are taking good care of Murphy down here.


You are so missed.







You gave me 92 days of unconditional love. I am so sorry that this disease took your life at only 7 months. You are forever in my heart.




Little Bit



Little Bit was a special cat. She loved to eat and she loved her treats. She suffered from dry FIP for a long time. She will be missed, but her suffering is now over.





Audrey only spent 3 1/2 weeks with us, but she will be forever in our hearts.







Luke was a wonderful 7 month old pixie bob. He spent his first 6 months with his breeder. We were so lucky to get him about a month ago. Although his time was short and he did not feel well, Luke did his best to love us and be the best cat he could be! We will miss you Luke, thank you for the time we shared.



Francis Holt



Francis Holt
honoring a great cat who will be sorely missed







Cori -
Beloved Kitten -
Cori the Communicator and Cuddler





Our sweet little boy spent three months at a local shelter before we found him and took him home. He loved to play and tear through the house, as all kittens do. We taught him how to play hide and seek and cuddled with him on chilly nights. When he became ataxic, we had a feeling we'd receive bad news. His neurological signs worsened over the next three weeks until we had to put him to rest. It's heartbreaking to wake up without him around asking for breakfast and a hug. We miss you Stark. Hoping FIP will be defeated soon.





He graced us with a year and half of life, but the memories he made with us will last our lifetimes. Here's to my fathers close friend , Socrates AKA Turd.






I had bottle fed Pocket from the time he was two weeks old. Pocket was named because he was so small he could easily fit in your shirt pocket. He always purred when he saw me, and slept under my chin every night. He fought a tough fight, his gofundme account raised $122 and covered all his vet bills, I was amazed at all the support. When we finally received the FIP diagnoses we decided it was best he go easy, and he went to sleep and woke up in kitty heaven on August 20th, 2015. I'll miss my tiny baby so much, but I'm comforted in knowing he won't suffer anymore. <3