Gizmo, was my baby. He had the perfect personality and was the most loveable and sweet cat I've ever had. We had him since he was 6 weeks old until FIP stole him at 2.5 years. He had the non-effusive form of FIP and fought like a warrior for 2 days. Eventually he started to have seizures and died in my arms. There will never be a replacement for him in my heart, but I find comfort that we will all beat this disease together so than no one else's baby will suffer in the way my Pudd did. Rest in peace baby boy. Mommy and Daddy will always love you and keep you in our hearts.




This sweet sunshine never had a chance to enjoy the wonders of kitten hood. My 9th and sweetest foster, little HashyB had the most loving temperament, despite the mysterious illnesses that kept popping up. The vets I worked with were nothing short of heroic, and none of us ever lost hope. Until the saddest day came for the baby, his liver was failing and there was nothing left to do. I am grateful to have learned about this horrendous virus & dedicated to helping find a cure/treatment.





2011-2015. I didn't even know he was sick until he was dying. 2 days from diagnosis till death. Still in shock.







Dexter was only 6 months old when FIP stole him from us.







I had Poe for less than a year but I loved him so much. I'm thankful for the time I had with him and just hope I was able to give him the best life possible. I love you lil boy.





Laranja you were my best friend, my son. i miss you so much since may 11th. i tried everything to keep you alive, but you are now the most beautiful star in the sky. i love you so so much. you were just 1 year and 8 months old, we were going to celebrate your birthday soon... i hope you are safe now and i just want you to know that i will never forget you, wherever you are right now.. i will miss you forever and i love you, my feline angel from your mom and your sister that still searches for you to play everyday




Kloe, Thank you for the time you spent with my children. We all loved you. We didn't know what FIP was and even if we knew you'd get FIP we still would have picked you. You waited every single day for Kaeden, my 8 year old son, to get home. You gave him love and companionship beyond what I will ever understand. You two had such a great bond together. Kloe passed on 06-01-2015 from dry FIP. She had one eye go blind to the disease, and neurological symptoms. Kloe couldn't stand or hold her head up. She also failed to thrive and had pica. FIP is a terrible disease. I pray we find the cure. Kloe was just 7 months old.



my best friend, my brother, and the bravest soul i've ever met. he was the embodiment of loyalty and love, and in facing a fate worse than i could ever imagine, was the embodiment of strength. he gave me more than i could ever hope to have given him, and through him i learned the beauty and pain of true love. rest in peace my brother. you'll always be with me.



This little guy was my soul mate, he drank from my glass, he woke me up with purring and cuddles and kisses, he went everywhere that I went, and his little sissy followed. I rescued them both at about 7 weeks from a rescue, I only had him 3 months before diagnosis:( I had him 8 days after that. I'm not married, lots of lying cheaters out there, no kids. These two babies were the bright spot in my life, and I was forced to end his at 4 month old. It was by far the worst day of my life, and the worst thing I've ever had to do. I loved him with all my heart and soul, I miss him so much its hard to be happy for my other kitty, she is devastated too:( I lost a 15 year old cat who was my all in December. Adopting these 2 in January gave me a little happiness, now its ripped away and I have to worry about my other kitty having this too, and suffering the same fate. Vet did nothing, gave me no hope, no treatment plan, just vitamin paste and 'good luck'. I was stuck feeling like I didn't know what to do, and I still don't. Please help end F.I.P. If I had any money left I would donate but I own a house by myself and have spent about 2000 in vet bills, I have pretty much nothing left;( I would've spent 20,000 if it would've kept him alive, I love you little buddy




Maggie was such a sweet, loving girl. She did not deserve to have such a dreaded disease. I miss her terribly!






To our dear Pippin - we miss you dearly. Though you were with us just a short time, you left a big hole in our hearts. We will never forget you.





My wonderful baby boy who was only with us for 2 months, but left a huge paw print on our hearts. We miss you little guy, so very very much, and are better for having known you and loved you as you loved us.





To my little kitten of awesomeness, I thank you for the three months you came here to be with us.




Mork was an extroverted, fun-loving, playful cat. He was healthy the vast majority of his life before FIP (wet). I remember taking him to my Veterinarian 2 or 3 times for coughing and not eating later in his life, but he recovered quickly both times. Mork lived to be 11 and 3/4 years old. I got him at the SPCA as a kitten. A funny story - at the SPCA his name tag said, Mindy. I chose him because he seemed to be the most playful kitten of them all. My first trip to my Veterinarian revealed that Mindy was a male. Hence I chose the name Mork for him (from the old TV series "Mork and Mindy" starring the late Robin Williams. Later in his life, I took in 2 other younger cats to live indoors with Mork.



We only had 4 months with our little boy but he managed to become such a huge part of our little family. He turned my boyfriend from a cat hater into someone asking when we can get another cat. Torque loved playing fetch with his mice, sitting in his chair by the window and being held like a baby and getting his belly rubbed. He had the cutest huge ears and loved to just stare into your eyes. He was the sweetest little kitten I've ever had the pleasure to love and he will be so so missed.



Raja "Kitty" Nguyen---The sweetest, most tame orange striped male cat I've ever known; a wandering stray for years, abandoned by his owner. Kitty would come to our doorsteps for food during his life on the streets, often sleeping on our from patio or retreating to the basement of our neighbor's house for shelter. Heartbroken, we captured Kitty in the summer of 2013, with the intent of providing medical care, vaccinations, and neutering before releasing him back to our neighborhood (the local shelter would euthanize stray and ferrel cats brought to them). However a bond developed very quickly, and Kitty went from stray to house cat by November 2013.

Unbeknownst to us or our veterinarians, Kitty was not immune to FCoV, and exactly when Kitty was infected or when FCoV progressed to FIPV, we will never know. Kitty became increasingly thinner and pot-bellied during the last month of his life, his anorexia and weight loss attributed to gum inflammation. Kidney and liver failure ensued shortly following Kitty's teeth extractions, and it was then that we discovered his fatal diagnosis. Kitty passed on the night of Dec 31, 2014 at approximately 9:04 pm Pacific Time. He was cremated today.

Kitty, I love you, miss you, love you forever, forget you never. You are my feline angel.


I rescued Tyga from the Humane Society when he was 3-4 months old. He was the most playful and loving cat I had ever met. He made a cat lover out of everyone he met, despite how much they disliked cats before. He was my best friend and brought me so much joy and happiness through the tough times in my life. Tyga had just turned one when he was diagnosed with FIP (wet). He passed peacefully 8 days after the initial visit to the vet. I hope that one day FIP can be cured and that no one has to lose a cat the same way I did. I love you Tyga, and I always will.

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness" - Desmond Tutu



We adopted Grace from a shelter when she was 4 months old. She was a sweet and loving kitten. Two months later she started labor breathing...we found out she had FIP tonight and she was put asleep. Myself and my 8 year old daughter are both devastated by this sudden loss of our kitten, who we loved so much.




Nimai had a bright soul that shined through her, and she could brighten any day. She was unbelievably sweet and patient. She was cared for and loved, on such an enormous scale that most people aren't lucky enough to understand. Really though, we were the lucky ones. She touched the humans in her life and made them better people just from having known her gentle heart. She's very missed. WE LOVE YOU NIMAI!!!




In July of 2013 I added two Savannah kittens, Grace and Dexter, to my clowder of rescue cats. Grace was a wonderful, funny kitten that had the sweetest soul of any being I have ever had the pleasure to know. I called her Amazing Grace because she was truly amazing in every way and I loved her so very much. Sadly, after a series of illnesses starting in March 2014, Grace was finally diagnosed with wet FIP in late April by my vet. I took Grace to the University of Missouri vet school and her diagnosis was confirmed. On May 19, 2014 Grace’s condition deteriorated to the point where the only humane thing to do was to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Grace was 15 months old when she passed. I wish I never heard of FIP and that I had many, many more years with Grace, but I will never regret knowing her and I feel that her amazing spirit is still with me. We had 10 mostly wonderful months together. The time she spent sick with FIP was the exception. I am hoping and praying that Dexter will not get FIP and will live a long healthy life. I applaud all of you who support Dr. Pedersen’s research to find a cure for this vile disease so that no one else has to lose a beloved member of their family to FIP.





Charcoal was a generous, tolerant, and brave soul. He will be sadly missed. He is the cat in the back.




River Song


River Song, you came to us later in your life and stayed all too short a time, but in those 2 years, you stole my heart and taught me the value of true unconditional love. Rest in peace my fuzzy valentine. You will never be forgotten and this awful FIP will be beaten. Love your daddy x





Asia was almost a year and a half when she started having difficulty breathing. It escalated quickly and we had to let her go. Life won't ever be the same without her. She used to tell me when it was time for bed and when to get up. She was a very vocal little kitty and would seem to carry on conversations with you. I'll miss her everyday.




Scout passed away on July 27th, 2014 at home with her moms and brother. She was only 4 1/2 months old, and had spent nearly half of her short life battling the symptoms of FIP. Despite this, Scout was a loving, cuddly, spunky little girl, who fought hard against FIP up until the very end. Her family is proud to have been able to participate in the research at UC Davis after her passing.




We lost our precious Paloma on August 1, 2014. Prior to her illness, we had never heard of FIP. We found our little girl at about 4 weeks of age when we were out for a walk. Someone had thrown Paloma and her 3 siblings out like trash. We found a home for one of the kittens but kept 3. We are so afraid of losing the other two to this evil disease. I can't help but wonder if the stress of the remodel of our house brought on her illness. I miss my little girl so very much.





I lost my friend Banksy today at the young age of 16 months. The vet diagnosed him with dry FIP in mid-August. It was so hard to see our happy boy become so reclusive, and so weak. I am hurting that we had to let him go so soon, but am so thankful we were able to give him a great life here on earth. I will miss this sweet boy so much. I am so sorry to every one else on here who is currently going through what we're experiencing. Losing a cat is harder than I ever thought it would be.



Dear Boo, I miss you so much and I can't stop thinking about you. When you rescued me 10/31/2013, I had never had a cat of my own before - always a family cat. You became my entire world, who ever threw you out at as a little 6 month of kitten, missed out on a soulmate and a wonderful daughter. You were my everything, and when you were diagnosed with wet FIP early August 2014, I broke down in the vet office. I always imagined our life together would be long and filled with so many wonderful memories. I fought for you so hard, I wanted to save you so badly. You left this world 8/26/2014 right before my birthday on the 28th. You left this world paws in my hands, head rested on my arm. I held you for the longest time after. I love you. I miss you everyday. Sometimes I walk in the door still expecting to see you. You will live on in my heart forever, I will never forget you. If there is someway we can meet again, I hope the wait isn't too long. Rest easy my baby love, Mommy Christi




Our sweet three-year-old cat was diagnosed with FIP and died 10 days later. We had him since he was a small kitten. Although his life was cut short, he was very loved and is sorely missed.





my sweet ickus..... taken from me at the tender age of the grim cat named FIP wet... it came fast and he held on for me...his guardian i did not want to let him go...i did the drain the fluid ...that gave me 2 days..then with the grim cat so close i told my sweet ickus that it was okay to go... that in another place we would play mousey (i would throw his mouse toy and he would bring it back for me to throw again.).. someone with four paws has left you behind......


Mochi and Sleepy

Mochi (R) and Sleepy (L) were adopted within days of each other as kittens. 3 months after adopting them, Mochi had to be put down due to having contracted the dry version of fip at only 6 months of age. While a year and a month after adopting them Sleepy was diagnosed with the wet version of fip, having to be put down at the age of a year and 3 months. They were the sweetest things to happen to my family and we miss them dearly. Here we are hoping they found eachother in the feline-afterlife and they are playing together with their favourite lizard jumper.