I miss you every day Bentley, but I know you're still with me in spirit. I love you!





So to spread awareness of FIP, I made this design for a little joke that I had floating around on my fan page. The "Kitty Hoagie" was essentially Terry snuggled in a folded down feather pillow. I decided to make a bit of a light hearted pun, including lettuce and tomatoes (and a small cherry tomato on his head). Terry was an amazing, happy kitten, and, having survived for 11 months, a miracle kitten. FIP generally kills super small kitties in 4-5 months-- even weeks. Terry had both wet and dry FIP, leaving doctors stumped on how he survived so long. I think it was the power of love. I'll fondly remember the little guy. I still look around for him in the bathroom and the living room all the time. <3




Alfie was the gentlest, sweetest, smartest guy. His favorite time of day (aside from dinner) was bedtime when he knew he would get the best cuddles and belly rubs and the chance to knead on my neck. He loved to play fetch and hang out in the cool bathroom sink. We lost him to FIP just a few weeks shy of his 2nd birthday. I miss him every day.




He was a very special cat. He ran away and came back to us after 2 whole years! That's an amazing story. He was loved very much and is missed very much. He loved to be held like a baby and snuggle his head by mine. He's with Twosy and Bengal now.




Jojo was a feral cat that turned out to be quite docile. I crossed paths with Jojo and his family when I was working on a TNR project. Jojo loved getting rubbed on his belly, and purred at loving attention. He was so sweet, and didn't fuss, even when at the vet. I'm so grateful I met him, and learned from his whole family. They enriched many lives. He is greatly missed!




Milou was adopted in August of 2013 and passed on in November of 2013. I had 3 months with this lovely kitty and she was soooo loved. She rests in our lovely back yard along with my kitty of 22 1/2 years. I just lost another kitty named Brulee which I will post on the memorial page as well .. Unfortunately, I only had him all of 4 days. But, in 4 days, I had come to love him dearly as well.





Although Brulee was only with me for four days, he is the second sweet kitty that I have lost to FIP. I now am doing all I can to educate and support the fight on FIP.






You were the most beautiful cat that I've ever seen. So loving and kind. Not a mean bone in your body. I'll never have another like you. You are with Twosy now and the MANY others I've lost from this awful disease.



He became an angel at a mere 22 months of age. A beautiful polydactyl boy that captured my heart. Through a lot of tests and even exploratory surgery to confirm what we thought was renal lymphoma we came to the difficult diagnosis of FIP. Forced to say a final goodbye only 11 days ago...the pain of losing my boy is raw and my heart broken. Praying a prevention or cure will be discovered soon. It is a disease that is cruel and heart breaking. Also praying my other fur kids are spared the same fate...





My baby Max was 16 years old when he was diagnosed with FIP just 4 weeks after loosing his Mama Kitty to kidney failure.





We welcomed Dex into our home during a special time when I needed a companion. He filled a void in my heart. We got him when he was roughly 7 months old at the local shelter. We had 8 wonderful months with him. He was a very devoted cat that followed me everywhere. He was sweet, gentle, and hilarious and loved to go on the back porch with our Golden Retriever. He started getting sick about 2 weeks ago and declined rapidly, but after reading about FIP I think he was showing little signs early on. My heart is broken, and I hope a cure is found very soon. We love you so much, Dex. Thank you for taking care of me.



We could have never imagined the impact that Tumi would have on our lives when my now fiancé brought him home on Valentine's Day just last year. He was instantly nothing less than our fur baby and a true member of the family, even with his people grandma, grandpa and uncle. He filled our days with more snuggles, playfulness and love than we knew possible. Tumi was taken from us all too soon on May 17, 2014, not quite 2 years old. Just a couple short weeks after noticing he just wasn't his playful self, we had to make the tough decision to stop his losing battle with a rapidly destructive dry form of FIP. Our hearts are broken but we will forever be thankful for the time and the love that we shared and cherish the memories we have of this awesome, adoring kitty. For everyone here that shares in our loss, please continue to support FIP research.




Our sweet baby was taken way too soon by FIP on 5/24/14 at only 9 months old. Wookie was a very loveable kitty who would run like crazy from one end of the house to the other playing with his 3 older brothers, then he got sick and was never the same after. We will miss our sweet snuggle baby every day! RIP Wookie doodle.



I never knew how much love my husband and I could hold for an animal until we adopted Drogo at 12 weeks and fell in love with him over the last year. Sadly we lost him to fip 05/14/2014. I had never heard of fip prior to Drogo getting sick. One week he was his normal cuddle playful self, the next he was very sick, it was very sudden. It was an amazing year having Drogo as our little fur baby, our hearts and home are little less full without him in it. We will always love you Drogie Bear. You will always be our first "baby".


Mary Ann


Mary Ann was rescued as a kitten with her sisters. Her sisters were all adopted, but Mary Ann spent her life in foster care. I was her foster mom the entire time and loved her dearly. At three years and eleven months of age she was brought to the vet for weight loss. That began a battery of tests and two months of medication and numerous vet visits. The vet was pretty sure it was FIP. On May 12, 2014 she lost her fight.




We lost our baby Bronson 12.9.2013 after six long weeks of struggling against FIP. Bronson was a very gentle cat with the sweetest character. He was the apple of my eye and I still find it very unfair that we had so little time together. He died one week after this picture was taken. He was 12 months old.



Not a day goes by that I don't think of sweet India. She passed away due to FIP on Sept 4, 2011, two years to the day since I adopted her as a little 5 month old black kitten. I had heard of FIP but had never dealt with it before. Dear India was robbed by FIP of a long happy life at 2 1/2. She was a smart and happy cat who loved her dog and her cat companions. And she had the longest tail I've ever seen on a cat. I still miss you my India.




In loving memory of my sweet Ceilidh (June 23, 2008-Feb 26, 2011) who passed away because of this terrible disease. She was a fiesty gal; full of life and although she would only give love on her terms those moments when she did were cherished and the most wonderful times we shared together. She loved to sit in the window and watch the world go by and balls were favoured over any other toy. She also loved to drink out of (and sit in) the bathroom sink and when she drank out of the tub she'd stick her head right under the running water. I love you and miss you so much my beautiful Ceilidh. You are, and will forever be, my sunshine.



My sweet little Chewie passed away today, April 23rd 2014 from FIP. He was only 8 months old- we had him since September. He was the best cat and most lovable. He would follow you around and want to sit on you all the time. He would even tolerant my 6 year old son picking him up all the time. It's devastating how quickly this came about and how quickly he passed away. I will treasure the memories of him. The house is already not the same. I miss him so much. RIP my sweet Mr. Chewie. ❤️



My sweet Pierre, you were taken away from us too soon and I miss you every single minute of each day. I wish I could of saved you...You are forever in my heart and I will never forget you. Rest in peace little buddy and until we meet again, I will never forget you and love you dearly...



Doc was the sweetest, most loving, special boy. He brought such joy to our lives each and every day. He always had a smile on his face, and never had a bad day. He was goofy, and snuggly and the kind of cat even "non-cat people" fell in love with. He died yesterday from FIP at the age of 5 and we will never forget this sweet sweet boy. The good he brought into our hearts will always be with us. He left us too soon, but made every day worth it. We rest knowing that he is no longer suffering.



Alexis was a seal point Siamese, and we had the privilege of having her in our lives for the last 8 weeks of 2013. She was a very outgoing kitten, always making sure to test the lap of any visitors who may come to the house. She was an amazing character (much like her a Dynasty namesake!) and gave us many more than just 8 weeks' worth of beautiful memories. She had a meow that could melt your heart (and consequently wrap you around her little paw!). Alexis left us on New Year's Day 2014 aged 5 months, our second (and hopefully last) victim of FIP. She fought not one, but two illnesses for over a month of her short life but not once did she show self pity or defeat (it was all we could do to keep her still long enough to allow switches to heal!). She will always have a special place in our hearts, and is sadly missed every day by her entire family - human and feline (her sister, Sable, and brothers Jake (pictured with Alexis) and Annable. RIP our baby Duckling. x


Nyssa was a blue point Siamese that we gave a loving home to in 2005. She was bullied by other cats at her previous home, and while it broke her breeders' hearts to see her leave, they knew it was the best thing that they could do for her. With her, we also gave a loving home to a 4 month old oriental black kitten, called Grace. Grace was the daughter of one of Nyssa's tormentors, however after a few days of mutual distrust in their new home, the two became best of friends. Nyssa was a lady of leisure, a Queen to be waited on hand and foot. She loved nothing more than sunbathing, taking time out only to rest in the shade between sunning sessions. Do not be fooled however, she was also the master hunter caught flying toys with barely a flicker of movement! Nyssa left us in 2011, our first victim of FIP, aged just 9 years old. Not a day goes by that she is not thought of, talked about, or remembered. RIP our gorgeous Chick. x




Rest in Peace Sugar.

She was 6 months old when she lost her battle to FIP on 2/20/14.





Nelson- Oct 15, 2013-Feb 12, 2014. I will never forget when I first saw Nelson starring at me with his big round eyes. For the short amount of time he was a part of my life, he was truly amazing. I am so grateful I was able to provide him with the love he deserves. My sweet babycakes!





We only had Mr Bond for 1 month before we lost him to FIP at the age of 6 months. He was a sweet, loving kitten who brought us so much joy. We take comfort in the knowledge that he had loving home and left this world knowing what love and a family was. We will miss his tiny presence in our home and will carry him in our hearts forever. We hope that one day we will find a treatment for FIP so other's will not know the pain of losing a loved pet to it. Sometimes it's the tiniest light that burns the brightest in your heart. Mr Bond was one of these tiny lights that will burn brightly forever with us.




He was my special boy. He was sweet and innocent and he never clawed me or bit me or even tried, unlike my other cats. He lived to eat and loved to eat.




We lost our sweet Theta to FIP the day after Thanksgiving: our own personal Black Friday. Theta came bounding into our lives just over a year earlier at the age of 5 months. She was a beautiful, spunky, brown tabby Devon Rex with a glint of mischief in her eye and more personality in one little nose than in any other cat we’ve known. (She would actually give kisses to anyone she’d meet, pressing her tiny pink nose against puckered lips.) The day we brought her home, she came waltzing out of her box like she owned the place. After only a few minutes our older cat Nessa couldn’t resist her charm. The two cats cuddled up together and became inseparable friends.




Darling - her name says it all! Darling was waiting for her forever home in our rescue when tragedy struck yesterday. We regret that she had not found that home yet, but she will live forever in the hearts of many of us who cared for her. Any of us would have taken her home, if we had not done so with others on earlier occasions. We wished for her a home with unlimited attention and a fair portion of time from her new family. We are grateful for our time with her and that her siblings are well. We are also grateful that someone with a kind and tender heart did not take her home, only to lose her to this horrendous and unfair disease so early. Those of us who cared for her sweet little soul will try to dilute out the grief we suffer and support ourselves so that we may continue to help deserving animals in need. We will continue to strive to educate our adopters and do our best in the future to limit and eradicate FIP. Darling has been adopted by us all - we will miss you dear little one!



Our precious little Leo passed away last night, about 3 months after being diagnosed with FIP. He was 9 months old. We originally named him Toyo, but he seemed more like a Leo...hence his full name. Leo was a special little kitty. He had a unique meow that sounded like a little siren. He would do this whenever his food was being prepared. It made us laugh every time. He was so sweet and cuddly, but also a feisty little fellow. He will be missed more than words can say.