My baby died December 26, 2012. About 4 years old and the best cat ever. I miss him tremendously and so does his dad and his brother, Robin, who keeps looking around the house for his partner in crime. Miss him so much it hurts my heart.





Our Darling boy, we loved and miss you every day..You were precious and will always be remembered and hold a place deep in our hearts.





My sweet baby boy, taken from me at 2 years of age.

I will miss you dearly.




Francis was born March 19th, 2010 and passed away November 9th, 2012. This photo was taken when she was 11 weeks old. I was taken by her because she was so intense; her look and how outgoing and affectionate she was. When my co-worker brought a few kittens to work in a cat carrier, I knew that I wanted Francis, because she came right up to the door of the carrier and seemed to be talking to me, while her siblings seemed to be lost trying to figure out their strange surroundings. I picked out a grey and white long hair (who I would name Rosa) so they would have somebody to play with. Rosa is still with me and seems to be in good health so far, though it is possible she could get FIP down the road. They were named after Black Francis; the lead singer of one of my favorite rock groups - The Pixies. The vet pressured me to put Francis down after she tested positive for FIP, but I wanted to let her die at home. I knew she wasn't going to be around much longer and I tried to keep her as comfortable as I could. She died about 8 days after I got her to the vet. She liked laying with me in bed and that was where she was when she passed on. I'll always remember my special little tuxedo fur baby.


Just a short while ago, I lost my beautiful kitten, Leo, to FIP. He is, i fear, one of the youngest cats ever lost to FIP, as he was taken in the night less than four weeks after I took him home, and the day after he passed away, his twin brother, Jasper, became four months old.

I remember that, as I suggested FIP to my family, days before Leo died, they ignored his symptoms, thinking that his condition was not serious. I researched FIP, after hearing about kittens lost to it. Leo had nearly all the symptoms. After his death, I felt infuriated that this terrible disease has no cure. Now I know about SOCK IT TO FIP, I feel better, knowing I can do something to help other kittens and cats at risk, and not let it be that Leo died in vain.

Cotton Candy Burr

My 7 month old kitten passed away today, and she was diagnosed with FIP. She was a beautiful girl, full of life, and a personality most people should have. Thanks to your website, I have alot of anwers and comfort. We need to put an end to this horrible disease. What can I do, or better, what can WE do? I love her and will miss her so much! Please say a prayer for her:) She is now an "ANGEL".


I bought Anouk and her brother, Roux home on July 6 when they were 13 weeks old. Within days I'd fallen in love with them and couldn't imagine being without them. They settled in so well and had been well socialised. Within days they followed me about and would sleep upstairs at night, both purring away contentedly. Despite the occasional little challenge of a misplaced wee or furniture scratching I never once regretted my decision to get them. It was an absolute joy to watch them explore their new home, play and grow. Many friends visiting my home quickly became besotted with them and could see how quickly these two delightful characters had come to mean so much to me.



June 1, 2011 - September 11, 2012

Sunny was a determined little guy who leaped around the house, scaled the 7-foot patio fence and slept on the mantle. We think he was part Siamese. That breed in particular likes high places, and we were always discovering him atop the fridge or hall cabinet. It seemed he could fly. He was so beautiful with his pure white and orange fur. He had a brightness to him and seemed to radiate from within, not unlike the sunshine we named him after. His eyes were blue-green. It was love at first sight when we saw him at Petco in San Francisco. He was placed there by a rescue group and was 10 months old when we adopted him in April. All our cats are rescues and we feel strongly about giving these animals a loving home. So although we already have 4 cats, we realized we had room in our hearts for yet one more. He purred in my arms when we brought him home, as if to say "thank you for getting me out of that cage". He was so mellow with our other kitties, and we thought we'd have our little friend with us for a very long time.


Ding Ding

In loving memory of our beloved friend Ding Ding, who died of F.I.P. on Sept 1, 2012, age 3. He was the most clever, playful, bright, and talkative feline companion we have known. We did everything we could for him, but in the end the disease was just too much. He will live forever in our hearts. Our condolences to everyone who has posted memorials of their dear little friends here. We hope that all take courage in knowing that others understand exactly what you have gone through. We are donating to F.I.P. research in Ding Ding's memory.

Chris & Flora



"Thanks to the soothing, the bliss,...we seemed to understand each other. We had crossed our species boundaries and had found the common center in each other, where all creatures rest." -E.M. Thomas

In loving memory of Wally, who died of FIP on August 24, 2012. Rest in peace my friend.




We lost Emilio on 6th of August 2012. We miss him so much. The house is so empty without him. He was the best cat you could have. He even could do tricks like a dog. The diagnosis of FIP came as a shock he was not even 3 years old.





Circe was euthanized due to “dry” FIP one month ago today, on 4/16/12, at the age of about nine months. She would want the fight to continue so that someday no cat need ever fear this horrible disease.





I’ve always considered myself a dog person, but an animal lover as well. Still, when my sister suggested and then insisted we get a kitten for our apartment, I wasn’t particularly keen on the idea. Even when we first brought Otto home I wasn’t thrilled with the arrangement. However, within a matter of days, he became my closest companion, my baby and I was genuinely in love with him.
Sadly, just after two months of growing attached to Otto, he was diagnosed with FIP. I was absolutely crushed and thought our relationship would come to an immediate end, but I was fortunate enough to get five more months with him. While that time was filled with medications and trips to the vet, I’m endlessly thankful for the extra time we had and he could live as long of a life as he did happily and comfortably.



Daisy was a sweet, sweet Ragdoll Cat.  She was more like a cat/dog.  I trained her to sit for a treat.  I would ask her  "would you like some kitty cat food" and she would meoww.  That was the only time she would was like a game we would do it again and again and again.  My husband and I separated this year....and I would tell Daisy it is time for bed and she would jump up on my bed and go to sleep on the pillow next to me.  She was so sweet.  We foster cared a cat, who would hiss and growl at her and she never, ever, hissed or growled.  She was just a sweet purring machine.  Although I only had her for 18 Months, she gave me alot.  I did my best to save her with holistic medicines, but she had predisone, which i believe sealed her fate.  If there is a heaven for Cats, I am sure she is there.

Ollie Belle

We got our precious Ollie Belle as a tiny kitten, she looked like a gray ball of dust .... for a little while we nicknamed her "Dust Bunny", until she grew into a beautiful "diluted" calico, (my vet says she was a blue tortie?). The vet also told us that her breed is frequently known for being a little bit "nutty" .... and BOY was she! She made us laugh almost daily with her antics. She was also my "baby", my lap-kitty, the one who pushed her way into my lap, cuddled-up, & took a nap .... often with me. She had a BAD sweet tooth & liked to lick things like jelly, cream cheese, cool whip, etc. off my fingers. She was 5 yrs. old & we just let her go today. She WILL be missed very much! Rest In Peace Ollie Belle, my baby kit-cat, remember that Momma loves you & ALL CATS GO TO HEAVEN, so I'll see you when I get there!! I wish SOMEBODY would find a cure for this HORRIBLE disease!!

JasperJasper chose me as his owner four months ago. As soon as I walked into the pet store & looked into the cage of sleeping kittens, Jasper woke up, stretched & yawned, & began to rub his little head against the bars, purring his signature "motor purr". He was a beautiful grey & white tabby with the sweetest face I had ever seen. It was love & first sight & my boyfriend Steve & I took him home that afternoon. Jasper brought so much love & joy & laughter into our home & was a wonderful playmate for our other cat Oliver. We adored him.

Then, we began to notice that Jasper wasn't his usual playful, mischievous self. He had a mild fever & was also rapidly losing weight despite having a ravenous appetite. His belly had become extremely bloated to the extent that he had trouble walking & had to stop & crouch down after a few steps. We immediately suspected that he had worms & got him started on the drug Pyran in order to kill these parasites. After a few days, when no worms were being expelled, we decided to return to our vet.



Smoky was a special little boy who we kept from Candy's first litter. We planned for him to contribute his sweet calm personality and exceptional color genetics to the Abyssinian breed. Everybody loved him who met him, felines and human alike, even people who didn't like cats.

Smoky was born on February 24, 2009 and was Dancer's littermate.

I am very sad to say that Smoky died December 8, 2009 of neurological dry FIP, a notoriously difficult disease to diagnose, after a month of vet visits, testing, and round-the-clock loving, supportive care by my bedside with a warming lamp or in my bed with me.



I had looked at Mitten's photos on a breeder's website for more than a month before I finally brought her home. She was the black and white Maine Coon kitten that I had been dreaming about having for years. My beloved rescue cat had recently died leaving his 13 year old litter mate very lonely, and I thought that the beautiful kitten would become Muffin's new play mate and friend. Mitten was a constant snuggler who slept by my side every night. She gazed at Muffin with admiration, trying to imitate Muffin's big jumps. When she couldn't follow Muffin's leaps, Mitten would copy a little jump like a child dreaming of becoming an athlete. Mitten's Maine Coon body was never destined to be as airborne as the Siamese-mix Muffin, and I started wondering if there might be a minor neurological problem when the Maine Coon sometimes literally tripped over her own butt, falling while she played.




The day I went to get Sandalwood, in June of 2009, I knew the moment I set my eyes on her that we were going to be the best of friends. She was snuggles next to a male Bengal buddy in a donut bed like he was protecting her. She was tiny and soft as silk to the touch. Her beautiful   Sandalwood colored marble pattern was truly captivating. I could not wait to start showing her. In my eyes she was already a Supreme Grand Champion.

When I got her home I put her in one of the bedrooms isolated from my other cats. My male Bengal snow leopard kitten, Caesar, sat outside the rom all day anxiously waiting to meet this new girl. The first time we let him in the room to meet her it was love at first sight for both of them. They were inseparable babies.  She also grew very attached to me. I would pick her up and she would cuddle in my arms like a little baby girl. I loved her deeply and had great plans for her future.



Panda was an adorable little black and white Exotic Shorthair who was born September 12, 2006.  Both my husband and I fell madly in love with him from the first day we got him.  We debated on names, and after only having him for a couple of days, I was going to name him Teddy, but then, all of a sudden Panda popped out and, thus, for the short time we had him, he was our beloved Panda Bear.

We got him when he was around 4 months old and began showing him.  Panda was made for the shows.  He loved the attention and he absolutely loved the people.  He had a photo session with a photographer and had an absolute ball.  He was an amazing boy.

When he was six months old he got an ear infection which left him with a permanent head tilt, thus his show career ended very abruptly.  That didn't deter him and he learned to cope with his tilted head.  My vet said it gave him character, and he was still our Panda who loved everyone.  He had so much fun and was a joy to be around.  He constantly kept us laughing with his cute little antics.  Little did we know it would be short lived.



To My Little Angel Fennster

Little brown sable boy, Fennster the Cat!  So innocent and sweet, my Burmese sat.
Contemplating his next mischief fun - to play with pink piggy or lounge in the sun?
One day in the cold of Winter, barely one year old, he'd caught a shiver.
Retreating, seeking warmth and calm, his interest in pink piggy all but gone.
What was wrong with my little one?
He slept all day and hid in oft places, not interested in playing with my shoelaces.
None of the Doctors could help my boy, FIP stole my precious bundle of  joy.


Buster Brown

Buster Brown was sweet sable Burmese boy who was a little shy with strangers, but all he really wanted was to be loved.  When comfortable with people he knew, he was affectionate and playful and a constant companion.  At times I was a little annoyed with him because he was so needy, which I would come to regret -- because this was a trait I later would hear described of other kitties affected by FIP.  When he was only ten months old, Buster was the first kitten I lost to FIP.

When he was younger I had found a wonderful home for him with a family.  He was affectionate with them and was settling in but he remained a little shy and skittish and the family was not happy.  Having had Burmese before, they wanted the confidence most Burmese exhibit.  So I swapped Buster for another kitten who was more confident, and Buster came back home with me.



"I Love Lucy", aka 'Lucy" from Sue Weitendorf's Timberpawsfolds cattery, was born May 11, 2007, and came to live with artist Claudia Sanchez and her family in Santa Rosa, California on September 1, 2007.

Though she was only with them for 2 months, that was plenty of time for the entire family to fall madly in love with her. The Sanchez family was devastated to lose her so quickly to feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). She had been the purrfect cat in every way - very sociable and well-behaved.

Claudia thinks that she might have known that she would be going to kitty heaven shortly, and wanted to make the very best use of her time with her new human family. Claudia's first painting in her honor turned out to be the perfect piece of artwork for the SOCKFIP logo. Other items have been made from this artwork to help support our cause including buttons, postcards, car magnets, and t-shirts.


Sweet little Rosie, also known as Burma Pearl's Rosebud, was born in July 2006.  Her littermate, Burma Pearl's Mahagiri, was my very first grand champion.  Rosie also was a beautiful Burmese girl, with huge lustrous gold eyes, but she was very shy in front of the judges and so I retired her after only one show.  She almost went to another breeder to make Burmese babies, but it is just as well that didn't happen.  She lived quietly with me for two years, her soft, gentle nature a loving and comforting presence.  But in a household where kittens were raised she didn't always get the attention as she deserved.  And so I wanted her to have a home of her own.




Smiley was more than just another happy face, he was a dear little friend! I remember so well the day my disabled friend called me and said she had found a newborn kitten on the sidewalk. A new born he was not. She based this classification on the fact his eyes were "still" closed. In reality, Smiley was 6-weeks-old and stunted out of proportion, his eyes pasted shut with infection. I didn't know if he would survive the ride to get help. He did survive and grew into a beautiful boy, inside and out. He met me without fail after work, leaping to my shoulders to ride around. Everything I did, he wanted to do too.