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Myrtle we’re gonna miss seeing your cuteness daily, hope you have a nice window seat up in heaven. Rest In Peace, maddie we love you so much, cheers to Myrtle.

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Yoda arrived us with hes two brothers. She stayd with us only 2 months, but was deeply loved. One of the sweetest and most affectionate kittens I've ever seen. Unfortunately she did not respond to treatment and left. We'll miss her a lot and ever

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Rest In Peace little Lucy

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On 9/12/21 we lost our sweet boy Goose to FIP. He was diagnosed with FIP on 3/26/21 after the exclusion of other illnesses. We tried everything we could to fight the FIP, but nothing stopped it, only bought us time. My sweet "Gooey" as I...

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You were taken from us almost as quickly as you came into our lives. In the short time that we had you, you were a warm ray of sunshine that touched our hearts, making every day happier than the last. We'll love you forever, Beansprout....

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I lost Anais to FIP on Christmas Eve 2020. She was so sweet and sensitive… and only 6 months old. She died after getting her 3rd dose of GS-441524. I am so sad we failed to save her and I still miss her. I hope...

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I named him shadow after my husband that passed. His name was shad. My baby shadow passed at 1 year of age. I am so heartbroken.. He was a amazing cat. F.i.p. is a horrible virus.

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Tony was the most noble, handsome, sweet, gentle, kind and caring and cat I’ve ever met. He was truly a member of our family and lived with us for nine years and four months, always bringing us joy. We will never forget you, my dear...

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Lola was with me during only 4 months but she was brought happiness to my life in a way that I could never thought that could happen in such a short period of time. As a thank you, I'm writing about her and the many...

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I'd never had a cat before. I didn't expect my first cat to be so perfect. Angelo was the sweetest boy, attentive to my emotions, and intuitive to my needs. He would follow me from room to room, and lay on my lap for hours....

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