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Our baby, such a rascal, we miss you so much, he stole our hearts and made many pulls in our curtains. We miss the early morning get ups baby bear. Born 29 December 2021, survived 121 days of treatment for ocular FIP. You were a...

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My absolute darling who was beloved by everyone who met her, Tango died on October 24th, 2022. She was my first companion that I truly could call my own, and I only got to spend 3 months with her. She was 8 months old when...

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We are so heartbroken. We miss Cesare so much. We wish he could’ve actually had a chance at life. He didn’t deserve this, he deserved a happy and healthy life. He was such a strong little boy, he was trying his hardest to stay alive....

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Buñuelo (Apr/2020 – Oct/2022)

Once upon a time, you came into my life, so little and full of love, you took me as your mommy and for that I am grateful. You are genuinely the love of my life Buñuelo. I am 100% sure we will meet with each...

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You were my best friend, my snuggle companion and a warm presence in my life from the moment you first came into my apt and spent the first day hiding under the bed. After that you wouldn’t sleep anywhere except right on top of me....

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Anubis was only 4 when he died. He was always happy, purring, affectionate and playful. We went to so many vet appointments to try and find out what was wrong but FIP was only confirmed the day he died. I miss him so much every...

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Braden filled our empty hearts with love after we'd experienced a loss. Right away we knew he was special. So playful and trusting. He loved to talk to us. We have so many great memories from his short life. We were lucky to have a...

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Cisco was born in April of 2021 and passed away September 9, 2022 just hours after her kitten "Elvis" was adopted. She was an angel during her short time on earth and is now an angel forever. Cisco, your Aunties Shirl and Brenda will always...

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In loving memory of a kitten taken too soon, a love that changed me forever and a face I could never forget. I miss you, short man.

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