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Chip Sticks Murphy

We had you for three months and despite a shy start, you stole our hearts and made the house feel whole. We miss you so much little boy.

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Ramblin' passed from wet form FIP back in 2014. It was a quick turn from playful kitten to being sick and ultimately saying goodbye. She loved playing fetch with crinkly balls. Still missing you sweet girl 💕

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I adopted my little Capote from a shelter after he was rescued from major flooding in Kentucky. He was the runt of his litter and the last to be adopted, so I made it my mission to make him become the healthiest little guy I...

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Goblin was my special little sphynx cat and my best cuddle buddy. She was the sweetest thing who was always purring, especially while nuzzling faces. She was so healthy and happy until her health took a sudden turn and we lost her after only three...

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Batman was a very big boy with the heart match. He put up a valiant fight but lost the battle on 04/30/2023. Batman had dry Neuro and was too fargone to treat successfully. Batman is survived by his brother Spike and was a step brother...

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Little Kovu was 8 months old when we lost him January 14 2023. Before FIP he was so full of life and you could always find him cuddling with someone. He started purring the second he saw you. We miss you so much sweet boy.

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We had Caleb for only 6 weeks but we were so attached to him. He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection originally that turned out to be FIP. He lost his battle on April 8,2023. He will be missed for the rest of our...

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Lost our little girl Wren to FIP after rescuing her at 11 months old. She was genuinely the sweetest little thing and so loving. I always remember you waking me up everyday at 5am, nudging me awake so you could come under the cover and...

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You might first notice her beauty, but then you’d discover the most beautiful part of her was her sweetness, her affection and her wonderful energy. I miss you, my baby girl. You took a piece of my soul – I’ll never forget you.

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Meli was rescued after hurricane Ian in Sunrise, FL. He was a bright and happy cat. He was 10 months old when we ultimately decided to let him pass away.

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