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Xavier Hurayrah

My best Friend Xavier died on the 31st of January 2022 because of FIP. We tried our very best by taking him to the best vets and trying everything we could to make him better. But my beloved cats time came to an end as...

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We miss you everyday Mini. If only we had known what you had we would have done everything to help you survive. Only later did we learn about FIP despite blood tests, ultrasounds and multiple vet visits. You were too young to leave us but...

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30/1/2018 – 15/9/2020

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Aech was a fun and joyful personality to have around. His sister loved to wrestle with him and chase him around. When FIP hit it hit hard and fast. He didn’t even get to make it to his second birthday. He went over the Rainbow...

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My sweetest baby, I miss you everyday.

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Sweet Dior was adopted June 19, 2021. She brightened the lives of everyone who knew her. She was diagnosed with clinical wet FIP January 22, 2022 and we let her pass that same day after receiving a prognosis of a few days survival. Dior will...

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Fortuna was the princess of my heart. Strength, courage and will to live characterised. She never showed pain. That's why I was surprised by His sudden death. His gilded my everyday life for 2 years 8 months. Unfortunately, we no longer had a chance to...

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George O’Malley

Miss you every day Jo Jo xoxo

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JADE 2021


Jade was a queen of hearts. Departed 09/17/21. He lived only 9 months and filled them with light and happiness. She will always be in the heart of his brother Indio and me. We will always love her.

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Milo has forever changed our lives even just knowing him for a year. He was such a loving and sweet boy. We will never forget our boy and the love that he gave to us. Wet FIP ravaged our boy and took him so suddenly...

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