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Loki was the sweetest little kitten. He got diagnosed with fip march 4th and passed away march 6th it hit super fast and out of nowhere. He was loved so very much and. We all miss he’s cute little face

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We lost Echo to FIP after only having him for 3 months. He was a shelter rescue and filled our hearts with more joy than can be explained. We love and miss you, Echo!

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Thanks for all your LOVE. You're gone todo soon but we'll meet again. LOVE you sweet kitty.

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You were A Lionheart of a warrior Gremlin. Cured of Neuro FIP only to succumb to wet FIP 7 months later. I had 14 extra months with you for which I am truly grateful. Go gently to the rainbow bridge Gremlin, Till we meet again...

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Main coon kitten

Wendy (2021-2023)

Our sweet little "mini Maine coon" girl who we thought would be with us for years. Crossed the Rainbow Bridge before her time.

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Rest In Peace my sweet Angel baby. Gone to soon 🌈💔

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Sage lost his battle 9 years ago long before I was aware of any treatment. He was only 7 months old and the sweetest boy in the world.

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Micah, the sweetest little kitten I've ever known. For the short weeks I knew him, he stole my heart. He was little, less than 2 pounds, but he had the biggest purrs and he loved to be cuddled. Micah passed away at 10 weeks old...

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my sweet sweet boy Alfa passed on 27-Nov-2022. He was 7 months old and the best baby boy ever.

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We had you for one great year, and spoiled you every second. Treatment wouldn’t have been an option for you, and we are sorry we couldn’t do more. Sept 21-Dec 22. Love you bubba

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